ARTISAN SUDS is passionate about caring for your skin by making handcrafted soap the traditional cold process way. Cold process method of soap making coverts oils and butter into soap through a saponification process, creating a soap bar full of natural glycerine that keeps skin soft & naturally hydrated. Cold process soap is natural and does not have harmful chemicals that causes dryness and irritations. Say goodbye to ☣️ chemical detergent soap & say hello to ♻️ natural cold process soap!

We believe soap doesn’t have to be boring, so we love to add a pop of colour, some lovely swirls here & there and of course gorgeous scents to accentuate our shower experience. Who doesn’t enjoy a good relaxing shower after a long day at work?

Who we are: We are a small homegrown local business based in Kuala Lumpur. We love sharing our passion for quality artisan handmade body care products. Our aim is to promote self-care, centering on personal well-being by turning one of our daily mundane hygienic routine into a therapeutic self-care experience. Indulgence in the luxurious lather & enjoy a self pampering refreshing shower experience with our premium handmade soap bars that awakens our 3senses: ❤️ TOUCH - feel the softness of your skin; ❤️ SMELL - immerse yourself in sensory aromas that lifts your mood; ❤️ SIGHT - beautifully crafted. A sight to behold.