Q1: What is cold process soap & what are its benefits?

Cold process is an age-old method of soap making, made by mixing oils or fats with a lye solution to create a chemical reaction called saponification. This create a solid bar of soap. Cold process soap lathers up very well naturally and do not have any synthetic foaming or cleansing agents.

Cold process handmade soap creates and retains glycerin, a natural byproduct of the saponification process, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Soap made this way is gentle on the skin and can be customized with various natural ingredients to target specific skin needs.

Q2: How does handmade soap differ from commercial soap?

Handmade cold process soap is crafted and handmade in small batches using natural ingredients, while commercial soaps are mass produced and often contains synthetic additives, harsh detergents, chemical preservatives and harmful Paraben, SLS and fillers. Chemicals found in commercial soap can cause irritation, dryness and skin problems with prolong use. 

Q3Why should I choose ARTISAN SUDS’s cold process handmade soap?

ARTISAN SUDS premium handmade soap is made from premium plant-based oils and butters to ensure our soaps creates luxurious lathers that cleanse very well without drying your skin. It is skin safe and Paraben & SLS FREE. We choose our ingredients carefully to ensure your have the best skin-loving ingredients in all our bars.

Don’t hesitate to try it. In fact, your skin will feel the difference immediately. Dry skin will feel soft and moisturise - all this from a bar of natural handmade skin safe soap! Try it - you won’t regret it!

Q4: Can handmade cold process soap help alleviate skin conditions?

Yes, depending on the ingredients used, handmade cold process soap can soothe and help alleviate various skin conditions such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

ARTISAN SUDS soap is suitable for all skin types, young or old, including sensitive skin, acne, dry itchy skin. Check out our different soap types that we have specifically formulated to address specific needs.

Eg. Neem Oils soap is specifically formulated for skin problems. If you have dry itchy skin, acne breakouts, eczema, psoriasis or other skin problems - please do not hesitate to give this soap a try. Many customers have shared good feedbacks on this soap.

Eg. Activated Charcoal detox bar for body acne. Helps to absorb toxins that causes inflammation and enriched withTea Tree essential oils to promote healing.

Q5: How does using ARTISAN SUDS handmade soap contribute to overall wellness?

ARTISAN SUDS aim is to enhance a mundane daily hygienic routine into an uplifting self-care experience with premium handmade hair and body products. Perfect to help wash off stress of the day away!

Therefore, ARTISAN SUDS soap is crafted specifically to provide a sensory experience during bathing, enhancing mood and promoting self-care to help contribute towards mental and emotional well-being. 

We invite you to indulge in a self-pampering refreshing shower and enjoy luxurious lather with our premium handmade soap bars that awaken our 3senses:

♥️ TOUCH - feel the softness of your skin;

♥️ SMELL - immerse yourself in sensory aromas to lift your mood;

♥️ SIGHT - beautifully crafted. A sight to behold.

Q6: What soap would you recommend for someone wanting to try ARTISAN SUDS soap for the first time?

ARTISAN SUDS soap is generally suitable for all skin types. Have a look at the description of each soap to decide if you want to choose base on scents/aromas or specific functionality. For very sensitive skin, we suggest to do a patch test first as each individual skin is unique.

If your need individual assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out via DM/WhatsApp/email and I’d be happy to connect and clarify any questions you may have with regards to soap.

Q7: Is cold process handmade soap environmentally friendly?

Yes, cold process soap is environmentally friendly compared to commercial soap because it uses natural ingredients and produces less waste. 

ARTISAN SUDS soaps are handmade and homemade in small batches to ensure quality and handcrafted uniqueness in each bar. Made from plant-based ingredients that are fully biodegradable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. 

ARTISAN SUDS solid shampoo and solid conditioner bars also supports the environment by reducing single-use plastic bottles from the landfill that pollutes the 

Q8: How long do your soap bars last? 

It depends on how you use and store them. If stored properly, 1 bar can typically last between 3 to 6 weeks. Keeping soap dry and well-drained on a soap dish or hanging it dry in a soap net bag in between usage will help it last longer.

Q9: Your soap smell and looks too beautiful to use. I want to keep them in my drawer/cupboard and not use it. How long can I leave them there?

Ha ha I do received this question occasionally from customers many times and my answer is: Although soap can make your cupboard smell great if hanged inside, but ultimately it is still a soap and not a potpourri, so do use it to care for your skin within 12 months of purchase to enjoy the full sensory experience of a premium handmade soap.

That said, for your information cold process soap is known to last for years and years if kept well. It’s cleansing properties remains intact and are not affected but soap scent do diminished over time. Sometimes the oils in soap may go rancid over time and turn soap brownish. It is still usable but do discard if it smells strange.